Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sometimes It Isn't Worth It

Recently, I started on an old medication to see what it could do for me, after being off it for years. My starting dose is twice as big as the largest dose I was ever on, with the intention of doubling the dose again. My doctor is hoping to not just treat my depression, but obsessive tendencies as well. These obsessive tendencies can result in dark thoughts that I cannot get rid of. But this time, at least at this dosage, it will not be worth it. Particularly not when I have to function at the university. Medications can have strong initial side effects, and it can be important to stick with the regimen to see if the benefits show up, while the negatives subside. I've given this medication about one month, but I am going to talk to my doctor about removing it.

I have struggled with exhaustion, lack of attention span, decreased motivation, headaches, desire to binge eat during the day, and the almighty caffeine does not work anymore. Oh, and I won't even go into its effects on my libido. It is hard to be exhausted when I get about 25% efficacy from coffee or energy shots. There seems to be no effective way to battle the fatigue. I have a hard time not stopping my medication by myself, but I know there is a proper way to do this and I am going to work with my doctor.

Unfortunately, that means waiting.....

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